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NICU Support

There can never be a better yesterday, let me help you create a better tomorrow.

NICU support from an experience NICU mother. You receive doula support and all its benefits. NICU support can be either in person once the baby is home from the hospital or virtually while baby is still in the hospital. Virtual support can also happen once baby is home.

Having a baby in the NICU is not something anyone can relate to on an emotional level unless they have been through it. Your getting all the benefits of having a doula with a well experienced NICU mom. No one will understand your journey and struggle more than someone who has walked in your shoes and cried the tears you have cried. As your doula I can help you develop coping methods to deal with this hard time. I will hear your story , your fears, and your hopes. Together we will make a better tomorrow for your fourth trimester no matter how your journey started.

To be eligible for NICU Support you have to have a baby currently in the NICU or a situation that will grant it.


Price based on each individual situation

How Does it Work?

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